Sunday, May 31, 2009

Geese and Ducks at the Marina

And baby Geese two.
Makes for great Pictures.

Sail Boats on Lake Hartwell

Sailing Fun.


This past weekend we took pictures of our Boat and several nearby Sail Boats too.
All on Lake Hartwell, SC. A very nice and big Lake. Over 900 miles of shore line on this Lake between SC and GA.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Darlington, SC Race Track

The Race Track thats,' TO TOUGH TOO TAME.' And also known as ,' The Lady in Black.'

Budweiser Car Racing At Darlington, SC

Budweiser car is 4 th. in line down low. Bright Red car. Pace car has just pulled off the track for the start of the race.
The Budweiser Car led like 37 laps before having troubles.



As I posted before Nascar needs to get back to its Roots. These Multi car teams are taking the fun out of it. Rick Hendrick has equipment to test the test equipment that other teams will never have. Hendrick teams have won 3 straight Championships and numerous races.
Fans, as I am, like to see different teams/drivers win instead of the same ole teams.
Mix it up a little! Have some new winners for a change. Come on Nascar !! Rick Hendricks also supplies Engines to Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman. And Chasis's too. I wonder who will win next ?! Not to hard to figure out.
Nascar is getting away from its roots in other ways to. Like taking Races from Tracks that have been around a long, long time. They took all races from Rockingham, 1 from Darlington and closed North Wilkesboro. The Labor day race taken from Darlington has been a Bust in California. To darn hot. And very low attendance. Now I believe another track is getting the Labor Day Race ?! Serves Nascar right.
Why didn't Nascar just leave it alone in the first place ?! And, let some new drivers win for a change, for pete sack. Nascar needs to get back to its roots or else it will be less and less popular. Its happening already. But, Nascar can do alot to help its self.

We Nascar fans pray they get their act together. And soon. See link below:

GOD so Love the World ( us )

that he gave his only begotten son. That whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.
JOHN 3:16

Faith is believing in the unseen.

Jesus turned Water into Wine. Who wouldn't
want to hang out with him. He forgives all sins,
all you have to do is believe in him. And your sins
are forgiven forever.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Freedom Weekend Aloft 2009

Our Veterans made this day possible. Thank You.

Memorial Day

Lets not forget why we celebrate Memorial Day Weekend. Men and Women fought and dead for this Great Country. Lets not forget them, ever.
When you see a Military person Thank them for their Service.
And all Veterans too.

Unlike Michelle OBama, I have always been Proud to be an American.
If not for our Brave men and women of WW11, We'd be speaking either
Japaness and/or German.

God Bless America........And God Bless our Military..........

Boating Fun 2009

Our other Boat. Stingray 199. 1987 Super Sport.

Boating Fun

Love being on the water.
Lake Hartwell.
Fishing, Swimming, or just boating. Very relaxing too.

Freedom Weekend Aloft 2009

Ballons heading our way.
Memorial Day Weekend 2009.

Darlington SC Race 2009

Kasey Kahne, Driver of the Budweiser #9 Dodge

Darlington SC Race 2009

Waltrips crashed car. Blew a Motor and caught Fire.

Darlington SC Race 2009

Dale Earnhardt # 88 Car right down in front of our seats.

Darlington SC Race 2009

Casey Mears wrecked Race Car.

Darlington SC Race 2009

Racing at the track, 'TO TOUGH TOO TAME.'

Darlington Race 2009

Coming to the Green Flag. Lead by Matt Kensett.

Boating Fun

Power Boats and Sail Boats at Lake Hartwell, SC

Boating Fun

Our new Boat. Love the lake, Lake Hartwell, SC

Freedom Weekend Aloft

Looking out from our front yard.

Freedom Weekend Aloft

Looking out from our back yard.

Freedom Weekend Aloft


Freedom Weekend Aloft

These ballons for the past 3 years have been flying right over our house. Simpsonville, SC

Freedom Weekend Aloft

2009, Ballon Festival and Music in Simpsonville, SC


Can't wait for the Football season to start. Both NFL and College.
Will the Miami Dolphins repeat as AFC East winners ?!
Will Pittsburg repeat as Super Bowl Champs ?!
Or Will New England get back on track ?!

Dallas is really underperforming. The Head Coach probably needs to go ??
T.O. is in Buffalo. God he has a Big mouth on him. Mcnabb last year got the last
laugh, this because Philly atleast made the playoffs. Good for Mcnabb.
Will Carolina choke again ??

Hats off to the Arizona Cardinals. Great job guys.

Will someone besides the SEC win the National Title this Year ??!!
Like 3 out of the last 4 the SEC has won correct ??
Time will tell.
And Ohio State is overrated every year now.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Thank God for People Behind the Scenes

You would not call the ACLU or the NAACP if someone was breaking into your Home.
Nor call them if a loved one was dying.
Neither would call these groups if your house was on Fire.

No, you would call the Men and Women behind the scenes:
Police Officers, EMT's and Firefighters.
They are the unsung Heros of our Society.

Thank God for them.


Wal-Mart should be made by Law, and other Large Companys too, so buy American products made in America. Wal-Mart buys nearly all their stock from China. This isn't right. They should be made to buy at least 50/50 American vs China Made.
Congress should enact Laws to bring jobs back to the USA. 50/50 is more than fair. Write your Congress man. Lets get our jobs back in America.

Comments Please. And again write your Congress man.

Why Nascar Ratings are down and Fans too

Its not only the Economy:
Very simple, the same ole same ole ones win nearly all the races. ( Jimmy Johnson and
Jeff Gordon ) These drivers drive for the same owner, Rick Hendricks, that has more equipment and funds than any other Team. They have Machines that X-Ray X-Ray machines in their Shops.
Johnson has won 3 in a Row, Championships. At Darlington in 2007 fans sitting next to me were saying,
'we know who's going to win this one,' they were speaking of Jeff Gordon. And he Won. Amazing ?! Not really.
Nascar has become boring to with these things they call, 'Cars of Today.' They suck is the best I can think to say of them. Less passing isn't good for anyone. This year at Darlington if it wasn't for the 17 cautions it would have been a boring race. Very hard to pass. More differcult than usual for Darlington. The cautions and wrecks made for a great race. And thats another thing, Nascar ought to give back Darlingtons Labor Day Race. California can't even sell all their tickets.
Nascar needs to get back to their Roots that made them successful. It looked to me that this year's Darlington race was a sell out. The stands were packed.
Please tell us what you think.

Cheney v. OBama

I have to say I believe Dick Cheney is correct. Terrorist attacked us on 9/11 and we as a Country need to protect ourselves, our Country. I see nothing wrong with Water Boarding only 3 known Terrorist. Valueable information was learned from these 3 Terrorist. Saving Hundreds if not Thousands of Lives.
We cannot afford to show weaknesses to the Terrorist of the World. If you attempt to do harm to America or other friendly Countries you should be either killed or imprisoned for the rest of your Life.
These people want to kill us. Wipe us off the face of the Earth. We most show no weaknesses to the Terrorist. Remember those poor souls burned alive in those Towers. Or the ones that jumped to their Deaths. I won't. Neither should you.
President OBama needs to listen to Dick Cheney. We are at War. Show the Terrorist of the World the United States of America isn't affraid of a bunch of Cowards. Amen.