Tuesday, April 27, 2010

OBama Plays Golf while Wall Street Runs A-Muck

Great Job Nobama. Wall Street Laughs at you

and Your the President ??

Instead of Passing Laws to make

Wall Street more Accountable you,

Nobama, Run Off to Play Golf in

Ashville, NC !!??

You Showed Them Nobama...(????)

How Many more Vacations do You

Need Nobama ?? The Last Terrorist

Attack We Americans had You, Nobama,

were in Hawaii on Another Vacation ??

And Did Not Return to The Continential

United States until Days After the Terrorist

Tried to Blow-up One of Our Planes ?!?!

What a Great President We Have ?!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

OBama and Al Gore are Bad for This Great Country of Ours

Both tell Tall Tales and are Raking in the Money.

OBama will Continue to Spend our Tax Dollars

while He Himself Gets Rich. (?)

Al Gore Rakes in Millions By Telling Lies

about Global Warming. Gore has Yet to Admit

that the Ice Caps Have Actually Grown in Size

By Miles in the Last Few Years ?!!

The Earth Goes through these Cycles Every

Few Hundred Years. Even Scientist Agree on


Go away Al Gore.

OBama needs to Lay Down. Stop Spending Our

Tax Dollars Like it's His Money !!?

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