Thursday, October 11, 2012

God Is Always Fishing For Christians ... !!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Nathan Baxley Grimes !!

Happy Birthday Son ! Your Brother and Sisters Wish You
a Happy Birthday Too !

Love Ya,  Dad

OBama Washes The Grey Into His Hair !!??

To make Himself Seem Wise ! Idiot !!

OBama goes around Apologizing to People who want us Dead !!??
( Killing me.)

No Balls OBama wants The Government to Pay for Everything ... How
about Tell'em get a J. O. B. First. Not handouts Obama. ( God help us. )

OBama will break this great country of ours.

OBama is an Ivy League, College Boy - Jack - Ass ...

This Man can't even come up with his own Quotes. He Steals
Them from Past Presidents. ' The Buck Stops Here ' Harry Truman.
' Trust But Verify ' Ronald Reagan. Idiot ... Ivy League Educated and
cannot come up with his own Lines ??!!!!!

God Help The USA ... If This Knucklehead, Jack Ass, Get's back in.

And I'm affaid he will indeed. Sad !!!!!

Muslim Brotherhood Kills 4 Americans in Libya ! OBama and Co. pull
out First of all, " An Apology ??! " ( WHAT !! ) Then, OBama and Co.
pull out a 4 month Old Tape about Mitt Romney Telling the TRUTH ...
47 % of Americans on Government Help / Assistance.

OBama is Playing the Movie, " Wag The Dog. " To Divert Attention From
His Failings Overseas !! 4 Dead Americans and No Balls OBama Pulls This
Stunt. Coward .............

I'd Vote for Herman Cain, C. Rice, Allen West and / or Colin Powell
anyday Over No Balls OBama ... In Case I'm Considered A Racist !!
( Rice, a woman, Has More Guts than OBama could ever Muster Up )

OBAMA Thinks The Government Should Pay Us Not To Work !?

Again, God Help Us .......

Clinging To My Religion and My Guns

Apologize ???? For The Love of God !!

Apologize My Arse !! What A Walking, Talking Idiot OBama Is.

Americans Are Killed Daily By Muslims That Hate Us. And He,

OBama, Again Apologizes ????!!!!

Lord Help Us .......

OBama Will Cut Defense Far To Much

   A Strong Defense is a get Deterance ! But if OBama get's his way
he will Cut our Defense in Half. This Clown has Added $ 6 Trillion
Dollars to Our Debt ...
How Can We Re-Elect Such A Clown !? If OBama was a White
Person, Typical White People, as OBama Calls Us, No Way Would
He Stand A Chance.
Rezko, Bill Ayers, L. Farrichan, Rev. Wright, ect. To Name Just
A Few Criminal Knuckleheads OBama is Friends With !!??

God Help America .......