Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why can't we have our Race Relations Back. THAT We had Before OBama came To Power ??

People Work hard everyday. Day to Day. Then OBama starts all this non-sense.

OBama is so Low of a Person. That He Threw His Own White Grandmother Under

The Bus for Votes !!?? And this White Lady Raised Him ? Loved Him ?

This Lady Worked in a Bomb Factory in WWII.

And he cut's her down ? While his

Runaway Dad, Spreads his Seed. ( ??)

OBama Is A No Good Racist thats never had a Job until

He Stole the White House.

He Attended a Hate Filled Church For 20 Years.

( Rev. Wrights' Church of Racism )

OBama Has No Class ...

:Lets get this Jerk Out of Office by Voting Him Out.

Then get back to Normal Again.

AMEN ...

" Every Person in This World Has a Sad Story to Tell. "
 ( Lots of People:  White, Black, Hispanic and Asian )

Get Over It and Move on .......

Thanks for Reading my Blog