Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Health Care

Leave it alone OBama. We do not wish for a Universal Health care system.
Obama now denies trying to start a Universal plan. But 2 Years ago he said out
of his own mouth at a speech he gave. That Universal Health care is what we Americans
need. Fact.

In 2012 don't re-elect this Idiot. The man lies upon lies. And kisses Islamic poeples
butts. They killed our people. Obama is shameful. We owe no one an apology.

Islam in America

Did you hear ? Islamics will March on DC this coming Friday, Sept. 25 th.
What is America coming too ? These people Attacked our Country. Now we allow
them to march in our Capital ?? OBama is a sad President. Goes to Egypt and gives a,
'we are sorry speech. (what) '
All should be sent home. All these Islam people. Period.

The FBI just picked up 3 men who were planning to attack our Country.
Send them all packing I'd say.