Sunday, June 28, 2009

Micheal Jackson was no Idol either

The Man had alot of Questionable Actions.

The main issue sleeping in the same bed with young boys.

Always getting nose jobs ?! Bleached his skin ?!

No Idol he was for alot of people.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Micheal Jackson was NO Icon

The man Molested numerous little boys. Far more than we shall ever know about.
To say he's an Icon, is to say it's okay to Molest young boys.


Sailing on the Lake

Thursday, June 25, 2009

They always come in 3's.........

We lost 3 actors in the last 2 weeks.
1 died after a long battle with Cancer.
The other 2 are questionable deaths.
Very questionable.

May God Bless their Souls

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Get wet this Summer


Cheney v. OBama

Cheney is right in worrying about Americas protection. Iran and N. Korea are unstable.
OBama needs to pay closer attention to these Countries. And stop making pretty speeches. Wake up Obama.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wheres the Jobs OBama ??

I thought Change was coming ?? I can't tell. And where are the jobs Obama ??
Spend, spend is all he does and No New Jobs ? Whats up with that.
And why does OBama keep breaking his promises ? Typical Obama for ya.

And don't look now, Iran and N. Korea are testing Obama as we speak.

How about some Jobs OBama, you spent $ 750 Billion. So where are the jobs you promised ?? Or did you buy yourself another Mansion in Chicago......Change we can't believe in.

Freedom Weekend Aloft / Got to love it

Simpsonville, SC
Greenville Co.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Lake Hartwell, Upstate SC

Love Boating

Boating - Lake Hartwell, SC

Liberal Media / Sarah Palin

Michelle OBama goes shopping in Paris. I wonder how much she spent their ?? All Tax payers monies mind you. If Sarah Palin had did this, OMG. Double standards by our Liberal Media. Palin spends money on her children before the election and OMG it's Head Line News ??
Good ole double standards. If your black in America you can get by with alot. AA at its finest. ( Affirmitive Action ) OBama can go to a racist Church for 20 years and nothing is done. If it had been a White Politician, OMG. The Media would have ate him alive. Rev. Wright can slander Jews, did it yesterday, and the Liberal Media says nothing about it ?? More Double Standards.

God help us.

Nascar - Real Racing - Darlington, SC

Good hard racing as it should be............
Bring back Darlingtons 2 nd. race...............
17 Cautions for Wrecks. Now thats a Race.

At the Wheel

Lake Hartwell, SC

Thursday, June 11, 2009

David Letterman most go..............

To say what he did about a 14 year old being 'knocked up' is just wrong. And to attack Sarah Palin and her family is just idiotic. The man is old and senile. He most go. CBS needs to fire Letterman. Get someone else whos actually funny.
And fire the writers too. Clean house CBS.

Miss CAL. Carrie Pregean

Miss CAL. Carrie Pregean is a stand up Lady. God Bless her. She is correct in her views that Marriage is between a Man and Woman only. God said this. And Amen for Carrie. She stood up for whats right and God Bless her.
She is a strong individial who believes in what the Bible teaches. Good for her for standing up to her critics. Thank you Carrie.

God Bless You.
Keep it up young Lady.

In 10 to 15 years Carrie should run for President. She surely can't do any more damage than OBama the spender.

Come on Nascar

Double file restarts are great. But, letting Rick Hendricks have 6 cars on the track is just wrong. Stawart / Haas use Hendricks Engines and Chassis. So Stawart having his own team is a lie. Its an Extented Hendrick Race team.
All 6 teams can feed off each other for information. This to make there cars even faster. To where other teams haven't a chance..........
Tighten up Nascar. And again, Stawart has no Race team. Its all Hendricks teams period.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lets talk turkey......Hendricks - Stewart / Haas

Nascar is suppose to be cracking down on Multi-car Teams. Why then is Tony Stewart allowed to use Rick Hendrick Chassis and engines ?? Some crack down.
Rick Hendricks has now 6 ( Six ) cars on the track ?? Fact.

Tony Stewart and Haas racing is just another Rick Hendricks Race Team.
Thats not what I thought Nascar was trying to do. Nascar said 4 teams not 6 teams ?
Rick Hendricks is killing Nascar. Besides the man faked having Cancer while under Federal Indictment ( 1990's ) now he's got 6 cars on the track. Either way you cut it, 6 cars isn't right.

Nascar does something good with Double file restarts, but allows 6 cars to be run by Rick Hendricks Chassis and engines ??

Two steps forward and one step back for Nascar.
More of the same.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Supreme Court Nominee Is A Racist!

This woman has ALOT of skeletons rattling around in her closet! SHE is a racist with her Latina woman/white man remark. The death penalty is not racist. It is a punishment reserved for the most heinous of murderers such as Ted Bundy and Timothy McVeigh. They are both WHITE MALES so how is it racist??? And yet she says its okay to hire firefighters based on race; saying white males should not be hired. Instead she says give the job to a less qualified "minority" is right. She is the real racist!

For more on this read this link:

The Helm and The Carolina Gamecocks Hat

Two Great Entities

NASCAR finally makes right moves

The double file restart is an awesome idea and a great move by Nascar.
It will indeed spice things up. Make for better and better racing. It will give others a better chance at winning in that if your running 5 th. and a caution comes out. You will restart 3 rd. in line down low. This will most likely give you an advantage over the cars on the outside.
A Win Win for everyone. Fans and Nascar both. And most likely more wrecks too. Some fans just love a good wreck. ( as long as no ones hurt I'm all for it. )
Good job Nascar. Keep it up.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sail Boats on Lake Hartwell, SC

Most all want Peace

America after 9/11 wanted blood. And rightfully so. Nearly 3000 of our neighbors had been Murdered by Terrorist.
Pres. OBama was correct in his speech yesterday to the Muslim world. Americans want peace too. We Americans want to be safe in this World. No more planes flying into our buildings. And I believe most all Muslims want to live in peace to. Not all. But most do.

If your a Terrorist we will hunt you down.

If you, like us, want peace Amen. And may God Bless us all.