Monday, October 25, 2010

The Miami Dolphins Got Robbed By The Referee Of A Win Sunday 10-24-10

How Can It Not Be Miami's Ball ??

They recovered The Ball In The End Zone !!

40 Years Of Watching Football And Never

Have The Ref's Made A Call Like That ??

Miami Recovered The Fumble From The Bottom

Of The Pile. MIAMI'S  BALL !!!?  ( PittsBurg Did

Not Recover The Fumble. Miami Did. ) Miami

Players Can Be Seen Diving On The Ball !!

What The Hey ??!!!!!

And Know this; The Ref. Is From PA. Too ??!

Owns a Business Their. ( PA. ) WHY Is He

OFFiciating This Game Then ???????

Miami vs Pittsburg ( PA. )  ??

" Conflict Of Interest " - "  Perhaps "

" Bad Business NFL ... "

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

$$ 1 Billion Dollars and Counting. Still No Jobs ??

OBamas Save The Country Idea By Spending

Millions and Billions of Dollars Is Not Working.

If It Were, Then Way Are So Many People Still

Out Of Work ??! 

It Will Never Work By Pouring $$ Money Down

A Rat Hole.

OBama Is An Idiot. He's Never Worked In His

Entry Life. NOW He's Going To Lead Our Country ???

May God Himself Help Our Great Country.


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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why can't we have our Race Relations Back. THAT We had Before OBama came To Power ??

People Work hard everyday. Day to Day. Then OBama starts all this non-sense.

OBama is so Low of a Person. That He Threw His Own White Grandmother Under

The Bus for Votes !!?? And this White Lady Raised Him ? Loved Him ?

This Lady Worked in a Bomb Factory in WWII.

And he cut's her down ? While his

Runaway Dad, Spreads his Seed. ( ??)

OBama Is A No Good Racist thats never had a Job until

He Stole the White House.

He Attended a Hate Filled Church For 20 Years.

( Rev. Wrights' Church of Racism )

OBama Has No Class ...

:Lets get this Jerk Out of Office by Voting Him Out.

Then get back to Normal Again.

AMEN ...

" Every Person in This World Has a Sad Story to Tell. "
 ( Lots of People:  White, Black, Hispanic and Asian )

Get Over It and Move on .......

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Have Faith In God


" Go Away Satan!! " - Say This and God Can Help You

Anytime You Have Bad Thoughts - Call On

God For Help. I Do ...

Satan Is Always Trying To Temp Us.

When He Does, Call On God And Tell

Satan, " To Get Away From The. "

Again, I Do.


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Way To Go South Carolina ...

College World Series Champs 2010 ...

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chihuahua Puppy

OBama Puts Foot In Mouth - Again

A MOSQUE Does Not Belong Anywhere Near Ground

Zero. Period ...

No Way OBama ...

Go Back To Kenya - Liar ...

OBama Is A Closet MUSLIM / ISLAMIC Turbin Head

One Term and Done / American Hater ...



Pray God OBama Is One Term Pres. Only


Monday, July 5, 2010

God Loves Us All - All The Time



Great Job Guys. The Whole State is Proud of


Proud to be South Carolina Gamecock Fan's !!

Love Thy God and State ...


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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

BP is Killing The Gulf Coast / A Solution.

Build a Container the Size of a "House." Drop it on Top

of The Leaking Pipes. Have Cut - Outs as Not to Crush the

Leaking Pipes. Rubber Gaskets to Seal around the Pipes

too. The Robotic Subs. can ensure there are no Leaks.

( This "House" Shaped Container will be Extremely Heavy.

So as not to be Filled with Oil and Float Aside. )

At the Top of this House Shaped

Container, Attach a Pipe to Vacuum out the Sea Water.

Then, Let the OIL be Pumped Aboard Waiting OIL Ships.

Then Transported to a Refinery.

Try something New 'BP' ........


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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

People Love the South

With all the Southern Charm and Hospitality you can Handle.

Northerns Are Moving to the South in Droves.

Ya'll come on down here. Plenty of Room.

Just don't make Fun of our Accents and we'll

get along just Fine.

When you Drive or Walk done the Roads in the South

don't be Surprised if People 'Wave at Ya.' Just simple

Wave back. Thats the Southern Way...

Thank You

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our Great President... (??)

10 Days to Respond to the Panty Bomber

12 Days to Respond to the Oil Crisis

( Both Times on Vacation )

But, it only took him 8 Hours to Call White

Police Officers Racist when they Arrested a

Black Harvest Professor who was acting like

a Jackass. ( more like a child )

Typical OBama.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

OBama Plays Golf while Wall Street Runs A-Muck

Great Job Nobama. Wall Street Laughs at you

and Your the President ??

Instead of Passing Laws to make

Wall Street more Accountable you,

Nobama, Run Off to Play Golf in

Ashville, NC !!??

You Showed Them Nobama...(????)

How Many more Vacations do You

Need Nobama ?? The Last Terrorist

Attack We Americans had You, Nobama,

were in Hawaii on Another Vacation ??

And Did Not Return to The Continential

United States until Days After the Terrorist

Tried to Blow-up One of Our Planes ?!?!

What a Great President We Have ?!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

OBama and Al Gore are Bad for This Great Country of Ours

Both tell Tall Tales and are Raking in the Money.

OBama will Continue to Spend our Tax Dollars

while He Himself Gets Rich. (?)

Al Gore Rakes in Millions By Telling Lies

about Global Warming. Gore has Yet to Admit

that the Ice Caps Have Actually Grown in Size

By Miles in the Last Few Years ?!!

The Earth Goes through these Cycles Every

Few Hundred Years. Even Scientist Agree on


Go away Al Gore.

OBama needs to Lay Down. Stop Spending Our

Tax Dollars Like it's His Money !!?

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SC Truth Speakers: 2009 Tax Breaks You Should Know About | WSPA

SC Truth Speakers: 2009 Tax Breaks You Should Know About | WSPA
go to Type in the Search Box,' Tax Tips.' Hopefully these tips will help ya.

SC Truth Speakers: 2009 Tax Breaks You Should Know About | WSPA

SC Truth Speakers: 2009 Tax Breaks You Should Know About | WSPA
go to Type in the Search Box,' Tax Tips.' Hopefully these tips will help ya.

I Hope, and so do many others, that OBama is a One Term President

OBama is Spending Money on Programs we don't need.

Also Spending Money we don't have. Our Grandkids

will have to pay it back !? ( Great Job OBama !?! )

OBama is pulling America Apart. A New Party, The

Tea Party, on his Watch has been Created. Why ??

Because OBama apparently believes Spending America

into Debt is the Answer ?? OBama has spent $$ Trillions

since he's been in Office ?! The Man is Lost...

PLease go away after One Term Mr. OBama.

I Pray for this.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Tax Tips for you from the IRS that can save you Possibly "Lots" of Money

Go to and Type in the Search

Box "Taxes 2009." This is a TV Station that

did a Story on it about 10 Days ago.

Or try the for these Tips.

( Got Children in College ?? You may

get back $2500. Bought them Computers

last Year ? Tax Break. Internet Access ?!

Tax Break. )

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

OBama is No Count

Him and his Congress has got this

Country in a Pickle. $$ 1 Trillion

in Bailout Money and No New Jobs !?


Lie after lie he tells. Where is a

"Ronald Reagan" when you need him !!

No Jobs, No nothing from a "Pretty

Boy Speaker." Figures... ( They say,

Hollywood idiots, Obama makes great

Speeches ?? ) What about the Jobs

Hollywood ??! He's full of Hot Air is

all I know.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Leave Health Care Alone OBama - No to OBama Care...

Tell Your CongressMan to Vote NO

to OBama Care.

Our Country cannot Afford It.

And, NO to Government Control

Health Care Period.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do you Know What OBama Means ??



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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rev. Wright is "Giving Himself an Award" and others... ( OBamas Hero's )

OBamas Best Preacher, and all of his Mentors, are giving themselves Awards ??!! Wright, Farrakhan and Others will Award themselves some great Award Friday Tonight. ( Forgive me, but I thought you where suppose to "Earn an Award" and then someone else gives you the Award ?!? )

Rev. Wright Preaches Hate, Curses God in Church, Glad that 9/11 Happened and Preaches Hated toward White People. And, OBama Attended His Church for 20 Year's ?!
( What a Guy )

Louis Farrakhan is an Islamic Nut Job. OBama calls him his "Mentor." ??
Farrakhan just the other day said, ' Christian Americans Pray that God will Kill OBama.' ?? ( Another One of OBama's Nut Jobs ) ??!! First, I've never prayed for God to Kill Anyone. Have You ?! Nor has anyone with God in their Heart. Farrakhan is nothing More than a Trouble Maker. Wright also. They are always playing the Race Card.
Just like the Low Lifes of Rev. Jesse Jackass and Rev. AL Sharpton.

My Ancestors were Slaves too !!!! But you don't Hear Irish and Scottish Americans crying about the Past !! Irish / Scottish were Slaves to the English for Century's. "Move on Wright, Jackson, Sharpton, ect..."

"Let the Past go, As your Bible says to Rev's."

We White Americans have. This because we Read our Bibles...

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Believe In Christ Jesus Our Lord and Savior

And Ye Shall Have Everylasting Life.

Our Lord in Heaven says,

Ask and you Shall Receive,
Seek and you Shall Find,
Knock and the Door Shall be open
to You.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OBama isn't so Smart Really

His Health Care Reform Cost way to much. And no one knew

what all was in it ?? Like how much would we have to Pay ??

How long would the Lines be at the Dr. Offices after OBama

screwed things up.

Thank God - God Stopped Him in his Tracks.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

OBamas Report Card Says He should be Held Back A Year...

Some Change Nobama. Unemployment has Doubled on your Watch.
( Good Job ??! ) You've Spent almost 1 Trillion Dollars to
help our Economy ?! Wheres the Jobs Bro ??!!

My Question is, Where are all the New Jobs
You've Promised Us ?? What Happened to
the 1 Trillion Dollars ?? What was it
Truly spent on ??!!

And Leave Health Care Alone. Nobama Promised
Transparentcy in His White House. But, We know
Nothing about his New Health Care Bill ?! And
That Leads me to my Next Question, What about
Your Campaign Promises ?? ( More Lies )

Nobama Campaigned on Tranparency in His
White House and Congress. That C-Span would
Cover all Meetings Live ?? After 1 Year,
Still has not Happened !? More Lies...

OBama Should be Put Back a Year for his
Report Card is a Disaster. ( And another
thing, When will OBama Stop Blaming Bush,
Knowing OBama and the Child he is,
Probably Never. )

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'd Bet OBama is Pissed Off Today

I'd bet OBama was Pissed this Morning Royally.

His Party Lost MA. to a GOP Candidate !!

OBama Flew to MA. to help his Party Their
and They Still LOST. ( Sounds like The Olympics
All over Again, Flew their too and Failed also !!
It's becoming a Pattern it seems, Failure. )

OBama should Stay in D.C. More Often and Save
Tax Payers Dollars.

Perhaps OBama should stop Flying so much, ie., Hawaiian
Vacation while America is being Attacked, and Nobama 'Never'
'Left' his Vacation Home to 'Head Back' to 'D.C.' ( What a
Great President ?? )

But does Fly for His Party and his City of Chicago.
( Olympics ) However, He doesn't Fly When America is
Under Attack ??!?

Come on OBama, Wake Up and get Your Priorities Straight.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We Need a President Like Ronald Reagan...

Today Please.

To Cut Taxes and Take Out Our Enemies.

Terrorist were scared of Bush @ Cheney.

However, they are not Scared of OBama.

We had a Near Disaster on a Flight coming in

from Overseas and OBama Stays (?) on Vacation

in Hawaii despite this New Threat ?? Great Leader...

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Senator Joe Wilson Told the Truth about OBama ( You Lie )

When Senator Joe Wilson said, 'YOU LIE' toward
OBama, The Man was Spot On...

OBama has yet to keep many of his Campaign Promises.
1- C-Span which OBama Boasted about would Televise
Live all Congress and White House Meetings has yet
to Happen !!??
Liar Again...

Wake up America....All OBama can do - is Spend
Our Money !

And, OBama seems to Love American Haters. Giving
Terrorist, who Killed 3,000 Americans, Civilian Trials ??
Spending Millions on their, the Terrorist, Defense ??!!

NEVER has America Tried Enemy Solders in Civilian Courts.
NEVER. NEVER in our History has this been done ??!!

OBama it Seems Loves Americas Enemies...

You Tell Me ???? Civilian Trials ??!! What.......


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Saturday, January 9, 2010

OBama Promised Transparency in Our Goverment. ( Has never Happened. Will never Happen with OBama in Office. OBama Loves to Spend Our Monies way to Much. )

I Pray he doesn't Get the Health Bill Passed. Too

Many Questions about it go Unanswered.

Democrats Making Deals for their States

and any GOP States have to Pay More !!??

More in Insurance Monies...

Not Right.

The USA is One Country. Not Red and Blue.

All should Pay the Same Amounts.

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Have a Great Day.

Hope Everyone has a Great 2010

My God Bless You in this New Year.

May all Your Prayers Come to Fruition.

God Bless Us All